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Poronui in the News

Poronui has been in the news recently, with a great article in the NZ Herald, and a piece in Life & Leisure's Collector's Annual 2014.

You can read the HZ Herald article on their website

You can download the Life & Leisure article here.

And of course, if you feel inspired to experience the magic of Poronui yourself, please call Eve and the team on (64) 7 384 2080 or send us an email.


The Poronui Library

Some very interesting reading has been added to the Poronui Library. In 'Tales of Fishing' by Bryn Hammond, published 1990, the chapter titled 'A Tale of Three Rivers' recalls a camping trip up the Kaipo River – well worth a read.

I challenge anyone to recite from memory the doggerel verses at the back of Skues’ book 'The Way of a Trout With a Fly', in particular ‘Little Brown Wink’. His view on a trout’s sense of taste and taste are also worth reading. The book was published in 1949 and could be purchased then for the princely sum of 15 shillings.

We now have quite a collection of books by John Parsons, the latest being 'Parson’s Glory' which he describes as 'a bedside book for anglers'. This book is dedicated to a New Zealand farmer called Phil Parsons who invented the Parsons’ Glory. Phil farmed near Te Awamutu and in John Parson’s words "achieved immortality". This book was first published in 1976.

Be sure to borrow these or some of our other angling titles, for some bedtime reading; or you can curl up with one in front of the crackling fire at the Lodge.

PS: we also have some great cook books, fiction and magazines if you feel like a change!


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