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Paddy Mair, renowned for his success with natural horsemanship techniques, visited Poronui earlier this month. Horses have been Paddy’s life. He believes creating trust between human and horse is the key to success. Paddy was a top competitor in the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Stallion Challenge with his gelding Kachina, fresh from the Kaimanawa 2014 muster.

Paddy demonstrated various techniques for creating trust. He also added challenges for each of our horses. Amazing to see how the horses responded – for some it was deja vu. Cadbury, the gentle giant in the team, wasn’t at all sure at first. However he is a quick learner.

For me it highlighted the areas to work on with each of my boys. Our first challenge is working off voice cues and body language. Watch this space! Horses are such amazing creatures. I’m looking forward to the challenge. I hope Paddy is impressed on his return visit in a few months.

If all goes according to plan we may even have a horse that bows on cue. Stay tuned and see how we go!


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