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Health & Safety

The Westervelt Company NZ Ltd is committed to the proper management of occupational health, safety and wellness, which ranks equally with all other operational considerations.

It is the aim of our management team to protect all persons under our responsibility and reduce the risk of injury and harm to our guests, our workers and other persons by adopting a planned and systematic approach to the management of occupational health, safety and welfare.

We set out to achieve this by:
Providing resources for successful implementation and continuous improvement of an actively managed and balanced health and safety programme to protect guests, visitors, staff and guides and reduce the risk of harm to all persons within our environment, as is reasonably practicable, by ensuring all persons are aware of the hazards and risks, and how to effectively manage and control them.

We require all our managers to be familiar with relevant information (including safe plant/equipment/materials, processes, procedures and emergency responses) and environmental and legislative requirements, and encourage employees and guides to actively participate in the decision making process on matters effecting their health and safety while at work

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