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Enjoy New Zealand's Best Fly Fishing at Poronui
Poronui, NZ
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Access some of New Zealand's most exciting fly fishing locations

Fly fishing at Poronui is synonymous with gin-clear waters surrounded by native forest and big brown and rainbow trout in the heart of New Zealand’s backcountry.

You can stay close to home and travel on foot or by 4WD to some of Poronui’s easily accessible fishing rivers. Uncover the full range of incredible fishing experiences by taking a helicopter ride to one of the many rivers available to anglers. The helicopter will pick you up right in front of the lodge and the guides will lead you to some of the most challenging and legendary fly fishing in the world.

Take pleasure in stalking and sight casting to large browns and rainbows in the shallow, clear waters.

What are the fly fishing seasons in New Zealand?

The seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite to those in Europe and North America. Poronui is located in the heart of the North Island of New Zealand and enjoys a temperate climate.

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Mid Summer

Traditionally this is the most popular time for anglers to visit New Zealand. Streams are low and wading is easy. Trout are highly visible in the water, but selective with their feeding. On smaller streams these conditions demand careful stalking and delicate presentations with small drys and nymphs. On mountain freestone streams there is excellent terrestrial activity on the surface.

Our Rivers

Two renowned fly fishing rivers run through the Poronui estate. And, with the assistance of a helicopter, you can be whisked away to some of the more remote waterways. Clear, deep pools intersperse surging rapids. Some areas offer plenty of native forest cover while others require more stealth and leave no room for error. Unaffected by snow melt, our rivers open on 1st October each year and offer great fishing from the word go.

Brown Trout

The reason a lot of anglers come to New Zealand for fishing is to hook one of these big browns. Known for their size and stealth, the can usually be spotted taking cover by rocks.

Rainbow Trout

While typically not as large as the browns, Poronui’s rainbows will give them a run for their money. These wily trout are clever and require precision casting.

Frequently Asked Questions
What form of payment do you accept?
We accept electronic bank transfers, NZD cash, traveller's checks and Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. All credit card transactions incur in a 2.3% surcharge - We recommend advising your credit card company that you are travelling overseas before you leave home.
What is the time difference?
Los Angeles is 19 hours behind New Zealand time and London is 11 hours behind (except during daylight saving hours). Check the current time difference and compare your time zone with Pacific / Auckland here. Remember when you fly to New Zealand you may lose a day - so when booking flights make sure you allow sufficient days to get to New Zealand. (Of course on the trip home it is the opposite, so you normally get back the same day the flight leaves from New Zealand.)
What communications are available?
Telephone and internet access is available at all our lodges. Although cell phone coverage is not available at Poronui and Glazebrook it is generally available in most parts of the country. You should set up a global roaming or similar plan with your cell phone company before you leave home to minimise costs.
What is the electricity in New Zealand?
Power in New Zealand is 240V, so if you bring shaving equipment, hairdryers, phone or PC chargers etc, make sure they can be adapted to our power system. We have converters and adapters at the lodges for guests to use.
What are your insurance recommendations?
Clients should ensure that they have current medical and travel insurance including trip cancellation insurance. New Zealand does have a comprehensive public accident and rehabilitation cover which applies to both residents and visitors to New Zealand.
Meet the Guides
Craig Aspinall

Born in Dunedin, Craig started fishing when he was a nipper with his dad and eldest brother who is also a fishing guide. He's been a guide at Poronui since 1998. Fly fishing is more than a sport, it is a passion shared with repeat clients, new clients, friends and family.

Leon McCarthy

Leon loves spotting fish, has good eyes and is great at helping with tangles! He's been doing this a long time and has years worth of experience which makes him a good teacher for guiding beginners. He loves the bush and his knowledge of trees and plants will leave you with some interesting facts.

Duncan McDonald

Fishing and food are two of Duncan's passions and he has managed to indulge in both - as a chef and a fishing guide. He thoroughly enjoys the diversity of the Central North Island fisheries and the challenges that that presents.

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