The Story of Bees
Poronui is the home of Tāku Mānuka honey.

This is the complete ‘Hive to Plate’ experience with one of our very knowledgeable and passionate staff.

The Poronui hills are blanketed in native Mānuka plants. The elevation of the property means that during the short flowering season, Mānuka is the only pollen source for our bees. This results in some of the most pure and highest quality Mānuka in New Zealand.

Learn about every aspect of bees and honey making – from how the colonies function and the special roles of the different bees, to beekeeping and honey production. You’ll taste a wide range of native New Zealand honeys and learn about their special properties. There’s even an opportunity to dress as a beekeeper and visit a working hive.

Add the Story of Bees to your Poronui itinerary

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of bees and honey production.

Enquire now about getting up close and personal with our bees from $330 with any accommodation package.

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