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Ascending Pheasant Tail, Nov 2009
– Fly Fishing

This pattern is a variation on a basic Pheasant tail and other descending nymph patterns, but has a more buoyant effect when fished behind a weighted nymph, or as a dropper off your leader.

The big difference is the behavior of the fly. The buoyant effect of the foam thorax when fished behind a weighted nymph or as a dropper off your leader causes the fly to swim to the surface, often evoking a strike. The fly is great later in the season or when fish are becoming particularly choosy. Fished in smaller sizes (12-16) the different presentation provided by the ascending nymph can make all the difference to a successful day’s fishing.

1 Tie a standard Pheasant tail to the thorax.

2 Attach a thin strip of fly foam at base of thorax.

step 1

3 A few turns of synthetic seals fur.

4 Pull foam over the thorax, and whip finish.

fly tying

This could not be any easier for a very dramatically changed effect. Give it a go – fishing is all about trying new techniques and patterns!

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