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Very good condition
– Fly Fishing

Poronui fishing guide Dave Wood shares his thoughts on the 2020/’21 season so far.

“The fish have wintered well and are generally in very good condition. They’re starting to look towards the surface to feed and we are having great success with large mayfly patterns.


“It’s been a relatively wet spring this year, providing ample food for the fish. The photo below was taken just after some heavy rain and you’ll see the rivers have cleared quickly — sight fishing perfection! And, with a long, hot summer predicted, these extra water flows will keep the rivers well topped up for continued success all season.

“I’ve fished both helicopter and 4×4 backcountry rivers in the past fortnight, and both the Poronui property and the backcountry water were fishing very well, with super-healthy fish. [There were] two days, in particular, [where] my clients had success with a remarkable number of fish — it was just ridiculous!”

In general, the rivers are a lot quieter than they’d normally be at this time of the year due to the border closures and they are receiving great rest periods.

This, of course, means the fantastic fishing is expected for the rest of this 2020/’21 season and will continue into the following one.

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