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Changing Seasons
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With the summer fishing season in full cry we are already getting ready for the autumn rut which heralds the new hunting season. The fishing has been fantastic. Consistent spring rain has enabled rivers to hold their level and they are in much better shape than this time last year. Warm weather has promoted terrestrial activity resulting in some great dry fly activity. The autumn is shaping up well and March and April should produce some outstanding fishing. Cooler evening temperatures makes fish more active and with a bit less fishing pressure there can be big catches at this time of the year.

The stags are currently carrying big heads of velvet – a sure sign of some great trophies this year. Antler growth is heavily influenced by the availability of feed during spring and summer. The wet warm conditions have encouraged grass growth and the antlers are responding! It is now only a matter of weeks until the first stags will start stripping velvet in mid February.

In the meantime we are heading to SCI in Reno 21-24 January 2009 (booths 1523, 1525, 1527, 1622, 1624, 1626). Come long and catch up with us then. We’d love to share our Poronui hunting experiences with you!

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