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Sika Study Underway!!
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A Sika stag is now strutting his stuff resplendent in a bright new orange collar. The radio-tracking collar was fitted earlier this week after the first stag was captured by helicopter operated net gun. The three year old stag will now be tracked for the next two to three years of his life – which is how long the battery should last. A further six stags of mixed ages will be captured during the next two weeks. These stags form the basis of a joint research project based at Poronui, aimed at determining the movements of Sika stags throughout their lifetime.

Sika deer were originally released in New Zealand at Poronui, and the property is a sika stronghold. The results will assist the management of sika deer on Poronui and the adjoining Kaimanawa Forest Park. If hunters shoot one of the stags during the study are requested to return the tracking collar to enable it to be used on another animal.

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