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Steven Paterson – Chef Interview
– Cuisine

Having joined us nearly three years ago, Poronui Head Chef, Steven Paterson has fallen head over heels for Poronui (lucky for us!). Steven has a talent for tantalising taste buds all-year-round but our curiosity was piqued when he mentioned that this time of the year was one of his favourites. Find out why.

“Poronui is a beautiful place to be all the time but right now I especially enjoy being able to provide such a variety of dining experiences for our guests. The (usually) good weather means that we can utilise the entire property. Whether it’s a BBQ at the Cabana, sundowners in the middle of a field, a picnic by the river, alfresco dining at Safari Camp, fine dining in the Wine Cellar or family style at the lodge. The opportunities are endless and the environment we dine in serves as inspiration for the dishes I prepare that day.

One thing I enjoy most about being a chef in New Zealand is that we are very good at using seasonal produce, and summer brings some of the best. We are almost at the end of the season now but I love berries – blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. They are mouth-wateringly delicious and very versatile. Asparagus is another great example, it is only available for a few months and while it is in season I make the most of it. Beautifully runny poached eggs with asparagus for breakfast, a delicate asparagus velouté for lunch or fresh, asparagus as a side with dinner (not all on the same day of course!).

New Zealand is great at doing seasonal produce well. We do import exotic foods that don’t grow here; however, we respect nature’s timings and only eat our fruit and veg when they are meant to be eaten. This ensures they are the best quality they can be, with the most flavour, which turns them into the best dishes.”

Want to learn more about food from Steven? Take a look at our Culinary School or come and stay on a different package and pick Steven’s brain while he prepares your evening meals!

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