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Trophies Look Good For 2010, Nov 2009
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The warm weather in August is good news for stags and hunters alike! The influence of early grass growth, boosted by the warm August weather, is very apparent in the stags seen around Poronui, and bodes well for the autumn trophy hunting. Rusa are still in hard antler and will be until the New Year.

The quality of the antlers grown each year is heavily dependant on the condition of the stag when it drops its antlers, which happens in late August or September and begins to grow velvet. Stags that are in good condition will begin to grow new antler immediately whereas those that have not fared so well during the winter will need to wait for body condition to improve before velvet antlers will begin to grow.

While red, Sika and fallow deer have cast their antlers and are busily growing new velvet antlers it is good to see the Poronui Rusa doing so well. Rusa stags will remain in hard antler until the New Year offering a late season hunting opportunities. The additional forage available this year will also benefit Rusa as they are of tropical origin and can struggle in the colder climate if not able to get access to good quality food.

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