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New Zealand Fly Fishing Guidebook
Poronui, NZ
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Your guide to fly fishing in New Zealand.

At Poronui we want to make your New Zealand fly fishing trip as memorable and as easy as possible. And if you’re looking to catch and release New Zealand brown and rainbow trout in some of the country’s most iconic rivers – you’ve come to the right place!

It’s important you have the right clothing and equipment for the climate and the riverside terrain in New Zealand. The sun can be strong and the weather can change suddenly, so it pays to be prepared. New Zealand can be known for experiencing four seasons in one day.

The terrain along the backcountry rivers can be challenging and a good level of fitness is recommended, especially when helicoptering into the more remote streams and tributaries.

What are the fly fishing seasons in New Zealand?

The seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite to those in Europe and North America. Poronui is located in the heart of the North Island of New Zealand and enjoys a temperate climate.

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  • Mid Season
  • Low Season
Mid Summer

Traditionally this is the most popular time for anglers to visit New Zealand. Streams are low and wading is easy. Trout are highly visible in the water, but selective with their feeding. On smaller streams these conditions demand careful stalking and delicate presentations with small drys and nymphs. On mountain freestone streams there is excellent terrestrial activity on the surface.

New Zealand Fly Fishing Species
Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout are highly popular game fish as they are known for their aerobatic displays when hooked and provide the angler with an exciting catch. Rainbows are distinguished by their unique pink flush along their sides.
Brown Trout
Brown trout were introduced to New Zealand as a sports fish and often live wherever cool water habitats exist. They vary considerably in body colouration and markings depending on their habitat.
Do I need a fly fishing guide in New Zealand?

Finding the best backcountry spots and reading the water are skills that makes all the difference when fly fishing in New Zealand. Poronui has a team of permanent full-time fishing guides who are considered consummate professionals in their field. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about the outdoors and will ensure you have the best possible New Zealand fly fishing experience.

What should I bring on a New Zealand fishing trip?
  • A good windproof, water-proof shell layer is essential at any time.
  • Layering for the conditions is preferable, the sun can be strong so light, collared shirts are recommended.
  • A sun hat, sunscreen and insect repellent (avoid getting it on the fly and line though)
  • Solid footwear is important. Boots with good ankle support and a firm sole with good grip are very important for climbing over slippery rocks and through river beds.
  • Poronui provides guests with waders, rods and nets.
What kind of fish can I catch in New Zealand?

A fishing trip to Poronui will see you fly fishing on some of New Zealand’s best Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout fishing rivers.

Rainbow Trout are distinguished by their unique pink flush along their sides while Brown Trout vary considerably in body colouration and markings depending on their habitat.

What New Zealand fishing licenses do I need?

Any fresh water fishing in New Zealand requires a fishing licence, but licencing in New Zealand can be complicated.

There are two fishing regions, Lake Taupo and its tributaries are managed by the Department of Conservation while the rest of New Zealand’s fly fishing is managed through licences from Fish and Game.

Fishing licence options include day or season licences for local areas or the whole country (excluding Taupo). We can organise licences for our guests and make sure you get the correct type for the rivers you’ll be wishing with us.

New travel rules to New Zealand

The New Zealand Government has introduced a new travel requirement for some visitors and transit passengers. It’s called the NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) and travellers need to request theirs via the official mobile app or website. Approval can take up to 72 hours, so get yours before you go.

The NZeTA is required for travel from 1 October 2019.

Visit to find out if you need one.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are typical gratuities on a New Zealand fishing trip?
Gratuities vary on a New Zealand fishing trip and is really up to the discretion of the client.
When are the New Zealand seasons?
Peak fly fishing season is considered to start in mid to late December and go through until March. Backcountry rivers officially open on October 1st and spring time at Poronui is a great time to fish due to the lack of snow melt.
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