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Fishing Season Underway! 1 October 2009
– Fly Fishing

The opening of a new fishing season is always greeted with a certain amount of quiet excitement and anticipation. October 1st this year was no different.

David and Kylie Denton, regular guests to Poronui, travelled from Australia to take advantage of opening week. David considered bringing his prized cane rod but instead packed his 6 weight 9 foot XP Sage. He was set for opening morning.

Ben Hall, his guide, was a little concerned that the recent rain would have made the rivers high and pushy. Although slightly discolored, the water flows were perfect. Weather was warm and sunny, the ideal start to a new season.

Using 3x tippet David was well rewarded with good numbers of 4 to 5 lb trout, both browns and rainbows, each day. The second fish of the season, a 5 lb brown trout was caught on a Blow Fly Humpy – a magic start to a new season. The picture of Ben is the fish on the dry fly!

Kylie choose to horse ride. Although a novice, Kylie felt she gained great confidence with Claire’s tuition. They rode through eucalyptus plantations, streams and into part of the native beech forest.

Timing is everything and as they left on Sunday morning October 4th the snow started falling…

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