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Team Highlights | Lodge Manager Claire Hall
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From visiting Poronui Lodge one year to moving in the next in 2001, Claire Hall has been a key part of the team ever since, doing everything to make guests’ experiences something to treasure. 

Claire lives and breathes Poronui and has done just about everything!  She was a key player when establishing the riding program years ago, has cleaned, cooked, guided tours and anything else in between.  

After Eve Reilly’s departure a couple of years ago, Claire is now our beloved Lodge Manager, and she welcomes guests, who have become lifetime friends, into Poronui every season. People often ask what has kept her here so long and that’s easy for her to answer – “we live in a truly beautiful piece of New Zealand and we have the best guests who appreciate us, and our country. Many guests return year after year and are so excited to see us – they love it that many of the same faces are there to greet them, saying it makes them feel ‘right at home’ and cared for”.

Claire’s spirit is contagious. She truly shares her passion with guests and team alike and is delighted to be conducting an all-year-round operation at New Zealand’s most unique Premium Sporting Lodge. 

Running our second Driven Pheasants season, Claire is the ultimate host. Never one to miss an opportunity, her and Lisa de Thierry (Lodge Support superstar) enjoyed putting their creative DIY skills into action; creating little Pheasant feathers’ pins for guests to take with them as a keepsake reminding them of their magical experience at Poronui. 

Lisa creating little pheasants feathers beautiful little pheasants feathers Pheasants feathers decorating dinning table in Poronui lodge         

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