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At Poronui we invite you to take a step back and experience something bigger. Something magical. Among clear rivers, ancient forest, green hills and misted valleys. Let the land shape you, carving out new stories and memories that last forever. Here, pure, raw nature invites you to stop and breathe. We welcome you in, creating a space where you can be centred and focused.

Putting your energy into the things you love. The patient quest for some of the best trout found anywhere, testing your skill in our crystal-clear rivers. The exhilaration of pursuing a world class roaring red stag. Stories, fine food, wine and friendship around the hearth. Or simply pure relaxation, as you enjoy the luxury of our exclusive escape. 

The full expanse of Poronui and its deep history is yours to discover. This land saw Māori traders pass through to trade prized red ochre. Later pioneering farmers laid down the foundations of our modern, working farm. And generations of anglers and hunters have discovered unparalleled hospitality under the rooves of our exclusive lodgings.

Poronui, where remote mountains and streams sit waiting, calling for you to explore them. Where we play a vitally important stewardship role, caring over the land and waterways for generations to come.

Where you can step out of the day-to-day world and be part of something bigger.

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