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Hunting Season Off To A Great Start, March 2010
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The 2010 hunting season is off to a great start. Both Sika and red stags are well through the process of stripping velvet from their now hard antlers. The first hunters of the season were three visitors from Australia guided by Neil Philpott. They had a great hunt, seeing some magnificent free range stags with each hunter taking a superb Sika trophy. The great growing conditions have obviously had quite an impact on the quality of the antlers this year.

The biggest of the three trophies was taken by Adam Grgurevic and scored 184 Douglas Score (DS) while Glenn Hutchings trophy measured 171 DS and Tate Walmsley 160 DS. If this early success is any indication it could be one of the best seasons for some years.

Poronui free range sika caught by Adam Grgurevic

Adam Grgurevic

Poronui free range sika shot by Glenn Hutchings


Glenn Hutchings

Poronui free range sika trophy, Tate Walmsley


Tate Walmsley

It is also apparent that the seasons are starting to change with day length shortening and heavy dew turning up most mornings. The stags are already responding to the changes heading away from the open country to mark up territories. It will not be long before the first roars are ringing out across the property!

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