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New Fly – The Poronui Terrestrial
– Fly Fishing

A step-by-step guide to the Poronui Terrestrial – thanks to Dave Wood.

Hook Size 8 to 12

1. Bind hook shank and attach rear of foam strip

Poronui Terrestrial Step 1

2. Bind foam to hook shank

Poronui Terrestrial Step 2

3. Attach peacock herl and bind

Poronui Terrestrial Step 3

4. Bind elk hair and attach legs

Poronui Terrestrial Step 4

5. Fold foam back and tie off

Poronui Terrestrial Step 5

6. Trim and present to large trout

Poronui Terrestrial Step 6

Cast into riffles and the head of pools and hang on!

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