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Fly Fishing Fashion
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Lightweight gortex or similar waders are most practical.

Fishing clothing is best layered. Some form of weatherproof outer garment should be taken at all times as the weather in the mountains can change quickly. Under this we suggest a quick dry shirt and for the cooler days a fine layer of merino wool. All clothing including rain gear must be dark or dull coloured.

During very warm weather, some anglers choose to wade wet. The uniform of choice is a pair of long johns (polypropylene or merino wool) under quick drying shorts.

To slow the spread of the invasive alga didymo and other aquatic pests in New Zealand waterways, MAF Biosecurity New Zealand requires all used freshwater fishing equipment brought into New Zealand to be clean and dry.

As of October 01, 2008, felt-soled boots are banned from use by anglers in New Zealand.

Recent research has revealed these items pose a particularly high risk of spreading didymo as they are likely to come into direct physical contact with didymo cells (e.g., stepping on or brushing against algal mats). The thick, absorbent and slow-drying nature of the material also encourages cell survival, increasing the risk of didymo spread between waterways.

Finding a replacement as good as felt is the challenge. We recommend stealth rubber soled boots with or without studs or the new vibram soled boot which has a more aggressive thread. However these soles are not as good as the felt soles on slippery rock therefore we also recommend a wading staff.

New Zealand has some of the most pristine rivers and lakes in the world. To help keep it that way, freshwater users must ‘Check, Clean, Dry’ aquatic equipment between use in different waterways – regardless of location and perceived didymo risk.

Instead of wading wet we are finding clients opting for the Gore-Tex lightweight breathable waders. Make sure they are clean, as they will be checked upon arrival at the Auckland and Christchurch Airports.

Poronui has Simms gortex waders and wading boots for our guests use

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