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Sika Stag Tracking Study
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While Steve was melting in 37 degree Celsius temperatures in the US, Cam Speedy radio-tracked Sika stags on another cold winter’s day in Poronui. He was able to locate all eight stags back on the property. Clearly, after the exertions of spending autumn womanizing in the surrounding areas of native bush, our stags are happy to return to feed up again on the Poronui grassland!

This opportunity to regain condition prior to shedding antlers in September is a critical reason why Poronui stags grow such great antlers. If they can be in good shape when they cast these, stags will start growing velvet almost immediately, as opposed to needing to put on additional body condition first.

Sika stag with radio tracking collar, Green Hill, Poronui

In another piece of good news, Cam has managed to acquire another tracking collar, so with luck there will be another stag, this time a spiker, resplendent in bright orange collar by the end of next week!

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