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Manuka Beetle Patterns With Leon
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During spring, the emerald green-backed Manuka beetle is abundant in most of our native forests. Manuka beetles can even be found in the tussock lands of our high country rivers, but their preferred habitat is the stands of manuka that are prolific throughout the central North Island. In a good season it is possible to shake hundreds of beetles out of a single bush.

Little wonder the rivers around Poronui are ideal places to use a Manuka beetle imitation during this time. Read more about these beetles.

Why are Manuka Beetles so Interesting?

Drifting a green humpy fly in the bubble line can often produce your first glorious rise of the season.

But if the trout are not quite up on top I like to use a drowning Manuka beetle pattern which can be effective on those cruising Browns or Rainbows just a couple of feet down.

Maybe you have a fly you think might work? Generally it’s got to have some peacock herl or green material in its profile.

And if you are interested in learning how to tie up a Manuka beetle imitation, I would be more than happy to meet up with you at the end of the day at the fly tying table in the lodge.

Wishing everyone a great season!

Leon McCarthy

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