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Tom and Rachel’s Perfect Poronui Wedding
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A gorgeous March wedding with perfect details created by the bride herself – read more about Tom and Rachel’s big day at Poronui.


How did you meet?
Tom and I meet on a night out in Wellington City while I was down for a girl’s weekend away. I was mesmerized with Toms’ handsome looks and caught Toms heart with my talk about sport.


Why did you choose the location you did?
I grew up and lived in Auckland until Tom asked me to move down to Wellington to be with him. We choose Taupo as it was a half way point for both side of the family so everyone can enjoy a weekend getaway. Its also where we got engaged. When we visited Poronui for the first time we were both speechless with its vast scenery and stunning views. It was always a dream for us to be married outside in a location which represented New Zealand’s landscape.

Tom and Michelle Wedding

Did you have any “concerns” about the day beforehand and, if so, how were they overcome?
Our only concern we had was the weather however knew that was something completely out of our control. Claire and the team were amazing and no matter what our minds were at ease as our day would be spectacular no matter the weather or location. The Poronui team are amazing and had everything under control that we had nothing to be concerned about apart from tripping over as we walked down the aisle.


Who helped you organise your big day? Who was involved in the planning?
Most of the planning was done by us, Rachel had a vision and with the help of our parents we brought it together. The help we had from our vendors was incredible, the likes of Prue and Mel (our photographer) were sensational and meant our day went smoothly. All decorations were hand crafted by Rachel and friends. Claire was the icing on our cake, she assisted with every need and question we had about planning our day, it couldn’t have come together like it did without her.


What was your favourite part of the planning process?
Crafting the intricate pieces to bring our day together, from making the candles, choosing the flowers, and trawling through op shops for those special pieces. When you have a vision and can bring it together and see it on your day there are no words to explain that feeling, was utterly amazing.


What’s your most precious memory of the day?
There isn’t just one moment that we hold as our most favourite as our entire day was the most memorable day our lives. Being able to share our love for one another with our family and friends, especially those which travelled across seas, in the most beautiful scenery.

Our vision of our day is being alone walking back through the forest with bag pipes playing in the air and dancing the night away in front of the fire.

Rachel and Tom Wedding

What did Poronui contribute to the memories of your wedding day?
The team at Poronui eliminated any form of stress from our day. There was no obstacle that they couldn’t overcome, and nothing was an issue. We were so relaxed on our day and that was all due to them.


Do you have a favourite wedding photograph, and where was it taken?
How can we choose one photograph… we have a few key favourites, Rach in the red hut and Tom outside, Tom pulling Rachel by hand through the open farm land and us in the cellar. One photograph that we think captures our day the best is a long wide shot of us walking out of the forest up the road and the misty moody hills in the background.

Rachel and tom Wedding

Was there anything you would change? Eg the one thing you might have done differently?
Apart from having some more heating and umbrellas, there would be nothing we would change.


What sort of feedback did you get from friends and family?
Where do we start… we are still being told from guests and family that we had the most amazing wedding they have ever been too. The entertainment, location and food was to die for. As our guests were travelling on the bus there was a lot of discussion about where on earth were they, and as they came through the Poronui gates there was silence. The scenery was breath taking the vibe and atmosphere was relaxed and fun, it was a slice of paradise hidden away.


Would you recommend Poronui to other couples?
In a heart beat, the scenery and the staff were incredible, and we will forever hold it close to our hearts, we want every bride and groom to have the most amazing day just like we did. However, there is a tiny piece of us that wants to keep it our little secret as we can’t put into words how we felt on our day and that is a testament to the staff and location.


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