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Autumn Horse Riding
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The autumn horse treks across the New Zealand countryside at Poronui have been surreal in recent weeks. The colours have been changing quickly to tones of warmth and nature, the crunching of leaves under the horse’s hooves and the brilliance of light, where one colour starts and another finishes, stimulates the senses along the way.

The crisp and frosty mornings have the horses waiting patiently at the gates, with crystals on their noses, wanting to come in for morning feeds. Their coats have all grown soft and thick as winter nears. The most nostalgic of childhood memories come flooding back as the horses begin to sweat though their winter coats. That sweet, musty smell makes you want to stay in the saddle all day.

The rainbows are everywhere in the Poronui valley and to chase them along the field and up the hillsides is wonderful fun. The property is quieter, with the odd deer roaring through the day and ducks calling overhead. It’s nice to be out (even under the misty rain) when you can come back and peel off the layers, rug up the horses and head to the fireplace for a bowl of hot soup.

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