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Horse Riding at Poronui
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Poronui is a world class lodge that attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. As someone who is an advanced English rider it was refreshing to find a lodge with horses, instructors and a riding experience that was equally as impressive as their fishing and hunting options.

The horses at Poronui are beautiful and are schooled in jumping, dressage and cross country. The riding gear, stables and even the grooming of each horse was worthy of a top show barn one would normally find only accessible to private owners.

The barn manager and riding guide Tracy, matched my skill level with a horse, Cadbury, who I was able to ride my entire stay. I was even able to school Cadbury in dressage, which was a nice change of pace on days where we had multiple activities.

I would highly recommend all-day riding treks across Poronui’s 16,000 acres as well. These rides allow you to explore the property and experience all facets of the diverse terrain. Tracy and I galloped up and down hillsides, through remote streams and native forests. You’ll see herds of deer and huge stags passing just a few feet away. Tracy is very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the land as well. You’ll have an amazing riding experience paired with a better understanding of New Zealand wild life.

One of the rides on our trip included a night at the Safari Camp. My husband and I rode the horses to the camp and were greeted by Poronui staff upon arrival. The horses were trailered back to the stables, so we could relax and enjoy dinner prepared by a private chef under the stars.

I highly recommend Poronui especially for advanced riders looking for a world class experience with top horses.

~Emily Hakewill

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