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Beautiful Wedding Weekend
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Matt and Loren’s beautiful wedding weekend made the most of the Poronui Estate with a ceremony at Blake House and reception at the Stables. Read more below…

How did you meet?
We met through Matt’s sister Anna. We used to work together, and she somewhat set us up after she decided we might quite like each other.

Why did you choose the location you did?
Poronui itself because we wanted to make a weekend away for everyone who came to our wedding and we wanted to be able to accommodate our immediate family and bridal party all together. The ceremony spot was recommended by Claire at Poronui and the outlook was simple and beautiful, we wanted Matt’s old Kingswood to have a part in our wedding so being able to drive right up to the aisle was awesome. The Stables, we loved the outdoor fires, the flat lawn and it matched our vision perfectly.


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Did you have any “concerns” about the day beforehand and, if so, how were they overcome?
I did wonder how everything was just going to come together on the day with the DJ and tables and chairs coming from Napier and other bits and pieces from Taupo. I did also wonder how any problems would be ironed out given the lack of reception out there, but I figured what would be would be at the end of the day we’d still have been married.

Who helped you organise your big day? Who was involved in the planning?
I did a lot of the planning myself, my bridesmaids lived in different cities as did our families. My Nana made our placeholders (the succulents) and Claire certainly played a part in pulling together everything on the day.

What was your favourite part of the planning process?
Wedding dress shopping!


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What’s your most precious memory of the day?
There are so many! Pulling up in Matt’s Kingswood with Dad driving was pretty cool, it had been Matts dream to use it as his wedding car and had put blood sweat and tears into that car to have it finished in time for our big day.


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What did Poronui contribute to the memories of your wedding day?
The incredible location, hospitality and kindness. The wedding card was a lovely touch on arrival as well actually.


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Do you have a favourite wedding photograph, and where was it taken?
The black and white one of us walking back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs Sullivan takes from behind, its framed on our wall in the lounge.

Was there anything you would change? Eg the one thing you might have done differently?
I’d loved to have done an open air reception just under the fairy lights but I never had enough faith in the weather gods!

What sort of feedback did you get from friends and family?
An absolutely stunning location, the best wedding they’d been to, the most fun they’d had at a wedding…. the list goes on.

Would you recommend Poronui to other couples?
Without a doubt!


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