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Big Stag Success!
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The 2010 rut has been characterized by some incredible action with tremendous trophies being taken during the past month. The rut started early this year and there are still stags moaning and fighting even though we are now midway through April. Guss Congemi took a monster with bow after guide Ian Lowe did a great job roaring it in out of the fog to within 30 metres. Gill Moyle’s stag was also a ripper, after a great hunt through the eucalypts.

stag 409

While the red stag rut is slowly coming to an end, the Sika are now in full voice. Their high pitched roar has been echoing around the valley for some now but is currently rising to fever pitch. The clash of antlers is a common occurrence as aggressive stags fight over hinds. The exceptional growing season experienced at Poronui over the summer seems to have contributed to the action, with there seemingly being more stags than ever throughout the property.

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