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What’s The Best Rod To Use For Fishing In New Zealand?
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‘What’s the Best Rod to use for fishing in New Zealand’

Sean Andrews replied ‘It’s the one that feels best for you’.

He then went on to explain: ‘There are a lot of excellent rod manufacturers out there and they all produce rods with different actions. For me personally I prefer rods with a softer feel and the brand that feels best for me is Winston.

There has been a trend in rod manufacturing over the last decade to produce rods with very fast actions, which by nature means they have to be stiff. Well a fast action rod is great if you need to throw 75ft of line into a strong breeze but not ideal if you need to cast 25ft on a small bush clad stream. When it comes to choosing a rod its horses for courses. Softer slower action rods are much easier to cast than fast action rods. They are more forgiving on the timing of the stroke of the cast and generally speaking tend to respond better in the hands of less experienced anglers. The advantage of a softer rod to the experienced angler is that softer slower action rods are a lot more sensitive and hence more pleasurable to fish.

Winston Boron III LS 8’6” 5wt

If I was going to fish a small bush clad stream I would be looking to use a rod of about 8ft in length and either a 4wt or 5wt as long distance is not a requirement. I would also be looking for something with a slower action that would load easily at short distance.

Winston Boron III X 9’6” 6wt

If I was going to fish a large wide open river I would be inclined to fish a 9ft 6wt which will have enough weight and power to throw longer casts if they were required.

If distance is a requirement and an angler is less experienced then a slightly longer rod can be a huge advantage. Whilst the difference between a 9ft and a 9ft 6” rod is of course only 6” the additional length that can be achieved on the cast maybe up to 25ft.

Boron III X 9’ 6wt

Not everybody wishes to own a multitude of rods for different sized rivers and varying conditions and the industry standard is probably a 9ft 6wt rod as being the most versatile. Enough line weight to be able to throw heavy nymphs and large dry flies if required. But also short and delicate enough to cast small dries on a tiny headwater stream.

For me personally the rod manufacturer that produces rods that feel good and perform well is Winston’ but as Sean says ‘ask another guide and the opinion may well be different.

Do you agree? What is your view?

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