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20 Years Ago at Poronui
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The transition from rustic lodge to elegant accommodation…

How time flies! With the start of the fly fishing season just around the corner, it reminds me that this time 20 years ago it was touch and go if we would have the ‘new lodge’ ready for opening. I can remember the late Simon Dickie’s calming influence as he assured me it would be finished in time. We had closed the old lodge for the last time in April 1998 and it was full steam ahead to get the current lodge open for the beginning of the new season.

Choosing the site was key. It had to meet a list of carefully chosen criteria, not least of which was space and a deck overlooking the Taharua River.Then the fun and hard work began.

Watching the lodge being built in a big shed in Taupo was a first for me. You can imagine the excitement the day it left the shed, bound for Poronui. In no time it was lowered onto it’s piles, closely followed by the individual cabins. A once grassy paddock was beginning to take shape. Bit by bit the buildings transformed into our very comfortable lodge. Timing was down to the wire as the finishing touches were being done as our first guests arrived! Simon’s dream was a reality.

20 years ago

Two years later phase two began with a very clever makeover and additional luxuries added. We have many guests who still remember the rustic days and were pleasantly surprised by the new lodge. For them ‘Poronui today’ is a far cry from its rustic beginnings.

It’s been an exciting journey and plenty of new skills and new friends acquired along the way. We hope to see many of you visiting again this year for another great season, if you haven’t booked yet, we have limited dates available.

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