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Trev Terry Marine Staff Christmas Do 2016
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Our staff numbers have increasingly grown over the last few years and we wanted to organize a staff function that was different to previous years. Graeme our head of the social club went to google for an answer and typed in Archery and Poronui came up. After some enquires that were responded to very friendly and promptly by Claire Hall and Eve Reilly and the thumbs up from the rest of the team we decided to spend the afternoon here for our 2016 Christmas work do.

Taking it a little bit further we all decided to get into themed costumes and made the theme of the Day Medievil. There was a bus that arrived to pick up the Wizards, Nuns, Vikings, Madams, Kings, Executioners and everything in-between.

We arrived at the Poronui after approx. 40 mins on the bus and were greeted by a very friendly staff member, Eve Reilly who helped organize all 28 of us into groups and talked us through what we would be doing for the afternoon. The children, aged from 4 to 11, were also welcome and put into their own group and there were activities arranged for them. By the laughter and screams of delight coming from the kids it was a hugh success.

A safety brief was given and each group went to their station where they were instructed on techniques and what they were meant to do. The instructors were all very friendly and knowledgeable and created a light-hearted environment. Everything is always a competition within our team and today was no different. Points were scored on each event – Knife throwing, Axe Throwing, Air Guns and Archery. Everyone loved it!

After the events we all gathered around the brazier for some refreshments until we got back on the bus to return to Taupo.

What a great afternoon out! Everyone was able to take part in all activities and the staff were very friendly and professional. Nothing was too much trouble even after a few last minute changes. We would recommend all companies to give this a thought for your next work do. You won’t be disappointed.

Looking forward to the next one

A big thanks to the team at Poronui

The Team at Trev Terry Marine


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