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From visiting Poronui Lodge one year to moving in the next, Claire Hall has jumped in boots and all to help make guests’ experiences one to treasure.

Meet Claire Hall

I was lured to Poronui, straight after my honeymoon 18 years ago, by my fishing guide husband and the opportunity to live on this beautiful property. I also remember my very first visit the year before to the old fishing lodge, meeting Eve, and having coffee with delicious apple cake. I often try to emulate that cake when I am let loose in the kitchen.

My background was riding and competing, traveling the world with horses in tow. While establishing the riding program, purchasing horses was a fun start to what has become a position full of variety. Being a new bride, I didn’t want to be left at home alone while my husband entertained his wonderful guests – many becoming lifelong friends — so I waitressed, cleaned, cooked, and did whatever I could to be involved and not miss out on everyday Poronui life. 

Photo: Abby Dance

My role now includes building a lodge team each season, recruiting and growing with those who return the following season. I hope they take on my passion for sharing Poronui and New Zealand with our many guests. It’s interesting watching them learn the logistics of a big and busy property, often overwhelmed in the first few months, meeting many guests who are enjoying a variety of activities.

A highlight in recent years has also been in the planning and running of weddings and events. Any wedding, be it 10 guests or 250, is an achievement for our small team, and watching them click into gear and work seamlessly together is a buzz I can’t describe. Watching the bride and groom share their story with friends and family as their journey, like mine, begins here is very special. Having them return for numerous visits, and then bringing their babies for holidays can have me feeling like mother duck.

Photo: Abby Dance

The 2019 inaugural Poronui Passage endurance sporting event was a dream come true. It was something we envisioned some time ago and in association with Total Sport, and with the support of a determined and creative team, we managed to set it in motion very successfully. Now we can watch it grow in years to come.

Bookings come throughout the year, and sensing the excitement and anticipation of someone’s first visit, or their 20th visit, is refreshing — it’s very exciting to finally welcome guests after helping plan their stay.

Claire’s children

Poronui is home and work! Many guests have met me newly married, pregnant with baby one and two, and are still returning and wanting to hear all about life at Poronui and enjoy all it can offer.

Claire Hall, assistant lodge manager and event organizer 

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