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Tips To Up Your Fly-Fishing Game
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To perfect any sport it all comes down to the basics and practice. It is always useful no matter how experienced to be reminded of those basics and no better person than Camille Egdorf. Camille won the Women’s Big Fish Division at the 2016 2 Fly X-Stream event at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. Here are three tips Camille believes you should focus on.

A Good Cast Is All in the Wrist
Your wrist should be straight, with no bend or break but relaxed enough that casting feels like “painting the sky with a paintbrush in a ten-to-two motion,” says Egdorf. Part of mastering the wrist action is letting the rod work for you, as it’s designed to match and carry the weight of whatever line you’re using. When you get the hang of it, your cast will feel smooth and fluid. “It’s kind of like riding a bike. Once you figure it out, it’s really hard to forget,” Egdorf says.

Focus on Accuracy, Not Distance
Short accurate casts are the key. If you spook the fish you lose the opportunity to net it. It seems obvious to aim your fly to land above your target but not always that easy to execute. “When you spot your fish, you want to be accurate enough or confident enough in your casting that you’re going to be able to lay it out in the first cast,” says Egdorf. The opportunities for success can diminish with each subsequent cast. Practice makes perfect and then, wind and vegetation step in.


Know How to Fight the Fish
Egdorf says keeping constant tension on the line (meaning no slack) is necessary to landing your catch. Keep the rod high and the line pulled tight. “If the fish goes one direction, you want to point your rod in the opposite direction,” says Egdorf. If you let the tension go, the fish can easily slip away.

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