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New Season Fishing – Nov. 2009
– Fly Fishing

The new fishing season is now well and truly up and running with some great early season results. Fish are in excellent condition, although the weather has not always been the kindest. After a relatively short winter and warm early spring, the snowfall in October brought us back to earth with a resounding thump! The long range prospects are for some rain at times throughout the summer, which is encouraging as droughts in recent years have made for challenging conditions at times. The weather this year looks like it will be very average – not too hot and not too cold which will suit the fishery just fine.

It is still too early to know whether we will experience the full force of a mouse plague this season. After a record seeding of the native beech forest Department of Conservation were predicting a huge increase in mouse numbers this summer. It is likely that the heavy October snowfall will have slowed the population explosion though if the numbers of mice now prowling the stables are any indication there are still likely to be a few around for the trout.

Genesis Energy report that they are clearing numbers of drowned mice from screens in the Tongariro Power Scheme on a daily basis, and there have certainly been extra mice prowling the stables of late.

In any event the abundance of seed is likely to make a noticeable difference to trout condition. The massive fall of beech seed of up to 10 cm in depth is thought to increase abundance of terrestrial insects as well as the nutrients that enter the rivers of the area that in turn boosts invertebrate production. Fingers crossed though there are a few extra mice swimming our rivers this summer as it certainly makes for exciting fishing!

There is nothing surer than during tough economic times businesses look even closer at how they can do things better. We are no exception to this rule! While we very aware of the need to maintain the essential elements of the Poronui experience – the great service, fishing and welcoming friendly staff – we have also wanted to add still more exciting aspects to the Poronui mix. Inclusion of more activities such as a field archery course with 3D animal targets and air rifle target range will give clients more options during their stay. On top of this expanded horse riding and hiking programs we are thrilled to be able to offer a unique Maori cultural experience on neighbouring Tuwharetoa tribal land. Add in the authentic Kai Waho experience to your Poronui stay.

Regular visitors to Poronui will also see some changes to the landscape. We have been steadily removing some of the eucalypt forest that has prevailed over much of Poronui for the last 15 years or so. The changes are opening up the landscape, slowly changing it back towards the low intensity farming and high country parkland setting that existed before the 1990’s. While it will take time to complete the program we are sure the changes will make Poronui even more interesting.

The positive energy surrounding a new season also seems to be rubbing off on staff and clients alike. After pretty tough year in most parts when many people seemed to waiting to see how bad economic conditions would get, there seems to be a new enthusiasm and confidence coming through. Bookings reflect this situation and it is great to see the summer season filling steadily. There are still some opportunities available in February and March, that may provide a last minute chance to miss the worst of the northern winter and experience southern hemisphere fishing at its best. Please call us on +64 7 384 2080 with booking inquiries or contact us by email.

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