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Guides’ Corner By Sean Andrews
– Fly Fishing

To set the scene – Craig and I poured over the ordinance survey maps one evening and planned an exploratory trip to a small stream. I had often viewed this stream from the air but had never fished it. We waited with great excitement for the helicopter. Rods at the ready we set off upstream.

You can imagine my increasing concern as pool after beautiful pool and not even a sign of a fish. Finally – one and a half hours later, a beautiful pool and there in front of us a very large brown feeding veraciously. Craig’s first cast, accurate as usual and the fish was hooked and landed. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement!! Much to my relief, from then on the fish were plentiful.

There is always an element of risk exploring a new stream and I was very relieved the gamble paid off so comprehensively this time. The maps will be out again over the winter months and I can’t wait to check out more like this next season.

Happy Days… Sean Andrews.

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