The isolation and beauty of Poronui is a catalyst for clear thinking, planning, strategizing and simply having fun. A unique destination of inspiring landscape for events and programmes catering for groups of 4 to 50 guests.

Ready for Wild Challenge

Team building package which is ideal for groups of up to 24. Prices from $1,990 pp. Available May to December.

Retreat Package

Reward, incentive package or ideal gift for 2+ people. Prices from $1,860 pp. Available March to December.

Dining Out at Poronui

Ideal for groups up to 50. Valued from $95 pp.
June to November

Culinary School

Cooking and baking lessons ideal for groups of 6 people. Prices from $880 pp. Available April to December.

Brand / Product Launch

Group size flexible. Price on Request.
June to November

Group Getaway Package

For groups looking to unwind and recharge. Valued from $1,675 pp.
March to December

Wilderness Glamping

Ideal for up to 4. Valued from $1,675 pp.
October to April

Christmas Festivities

Create the perfect Christmas party with a mix of activities, challenges and food. Prices from $85pp. Available September to December.


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