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A Personal Memory of Poronui

“Poronui Lodge is one of the best places in New Zealand to get married.... I wonder if it’s too soon to do it all over again?”

Alaina and Hans chose Poronui for their wedding on 4th March, 2017 and say their magical day was even more special than they anticipated. “Everyone said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to,” Alaina reflected. “A few people even said it was the best. So I’ll take that.”

We caught up with Alaina and Hans to find out exactly what made their wedding so memorable.

Photo Credit: Krystle Rakatau from Bespoke Photography

Why did you choose Poronui?
We had visited Poronui with Phillip Blackburn, previous Head Chef at Poronui, a few times and I absolutely loved the venue from the beginning. I said to Hans “I want to get married here” and that was two years before we were engaged. I looked at other wedding venues but nowhere compared with the beauty and landscape of Poronui. 

What did Poronui contribute to the memories of your wedding day?
First of all by providing the most beautiful setting. But the staff members were all so incredible, professional and helpful, making the day much easier with no hiccups. 

What’s your most precious memory?
Getting married! Also, the surprise helicopter ride was pretty amazing. 

Do you have a favourite wedding photograph, and where was it taken?
My favourite photo was taken on the ridge, where the helicopter landed. It was incredible. 

Did you have any “concerns” about the day beforehand and, if so, how were they overcome?
I was worried about the travelling distance for guests from Taupo. This was easily resolved by hiring a bus. A few people drove to the venue, and none had any issues because Poronui put out direction signs. 

Who helped you organise your big day?
Claire, (Poronui’s Event Manager) was our biggest support. She was amazing, always answering my millions of questions, which was great. 

We used Bloomin Flowers in Taupo, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their attention to detail is impeccable and the whole team were so friendly and welcoming. 

Donna Inch from Event Rent was our celebrant, and she delivered a beautiful ceremony. We also hired a lot of equipment from her, which was made super easy. 

Krystle Rakatau from Bespoke Photography went over and above to take the most incredible photos – even letting the boys talk her into having a shot at the skeet shooting! 

Other than that our parents were our biggest support crew, along with our bridal team and other family all pulling to set up and organise everything exactly as I had planned.

Would you recommend Poronui to other couples?
Actually, I would like to keep it all for myself and not share it with anyone! Seriously… I would have to be honest and tell them it’s one of the best places in New Zealand to get married. So yes I would highly recommend it.

Guide’s Corner - April 2017

Recommended Fishing Equipment

Just because summer is over there is no need to hang up the fly rod and pack away the waders!

Image Credit: Mark Dunkerley

Fly Rods, Reels and Lines

The all-round rod of choice amongst New Zealand anglers for spring, summer and autumn (Fall) fishing is 9 foot in 6 or 5 weight. Any angler that couples this with a quality reel with a good drag system and a matching weight forward floating line is going to be well equipped for most fishing conditions encountered here. Like clothing, the fly line must be dull in colour with dark green or dark grey preferred. White, orange, lime green or any other fluorescent/pastel coloured fly line tends not to suit New Zealand’s clear water conditions and can leave the angler at a serious disadvantage. 

Ask any guide for the best rod and you are guaranteed to get a different answer. At Poronui we have Sage rods and reels available for our guests to use. 

Leaders and Tippets

An assortment of tapered leaders from 9 to 12 feet, sizes 3X through 5X with matching tippet material suit our North Island conditions.

Image Credit: Leon McCarthy


Many North American and English patterns work very well in New Zealand, particularly dry flies, in sizes 10 – 16: 

Royal Wulff Parachute Adams

Humpy (yellow and green), Elk Hair Caddis 

Twilight Beauty (like a Dark Cahill).

Local favourites are:

Kakahi Queen (Adams), Black Gnat Blowfly (must be

Cicada (like a green Joes Hopper) fluorescent blue)

Most nymphs need to be dark, hairy and heavy! That might sound crude but this is what works. A roughly tied Hair and Copper with a lot of weight (it has to audibly plop when it hits the water) and maybe a little flashabou as an attractor is a very good general pattern. 

Other favourites in sizes 8 – 16: 

Bead head Pheasant Tail

Half Back Stonefly 


Your guide will have his favourites squirrelled away in his fly box. Like guides, most anglers will have in their fly box a collection of flies tied specially for them by friends and mentors. Amuse your guide by giving them a go! 

The secret may well be in the presentation.

As Grant Petherick, our Head Guide said:

“We have just ‘enjoyed’ one of the coolest springs / summers I can remember. This has set the rivers up perfectly for late season fly fishing. The open season at Poronui goes through June 30 so in the current conditions good late season fishing is looking likely”


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