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Relaxed Wedding in the NZ Countryside

After living in a bustling city like Singapore, Hannah and Tom were in search of a relaxed wedding in the New Zealand countryside. Poronui caught their eye and captured their hearts, read more about their perfect celebration…

Why did you choose the location you did?

Living in an apartment in Singapore, we were very keen to get married in the New Zealand countryside, amongst its amazing natural scenery which we miss so much.

Taupo is special to Tom as his family have been holidaying there since he was young and has many great memories from Taupo. We wanted to look for venues in the area and we were lucky to find Poronui which we really liked.

We chose Poronui because we loved the relaxed feel of the property, the stunning natural scenery, and the wonderful staff. Tom, being a keen fly fisher, was convinced immediately.

What was your vision for your Wedding Day?

We wanted to have a fun and relaxed day in the countryside with lots of good food and drink, surrounded by family and friends that could be there to celebrate with us and also to feel the presence of those no longer with us.

Who was your florist? What did your floral arrangements look like?

Shaye from On My Hand did our flowers for us. I asked her to reflect Poronui’s naturally beautiful, wild scenery which she did perfectly. She used lots of greenery, bronze and copper tones, orchids (to represent Singapore), and mānuka flower from Poronui.

Shaye constructed a hanging branch installation in our reception marquee at The Stables which she foraged for at Poronui and then adorned with roses and orchids. It was a lot of hard work but looked amazing.

What did you eat? What style of food did you serve and why?

We had four long tables (in a marquee at The Stables), without a head table (the bridal party sat in the middle of one of the tables) as we wanted it to feel like one big dinner party. The food was served family-style down the middle of the table, and we asked people to pass the platters and share the love as they passed food between one another.

Living overseas, we were also craving old-fashioned Kiwi pies, so we had venison pies served later in the evening which were a hit before guests caught the bus back to Taupo.

Do you have a favourite wedding photograph, and where was it taken?

We chose Anna Kidman as our photographer. We asked Anna to capture the emotion of the day in a relaxed way, not just posed photos, and she did that incredibly well.

We also had the fabulous Bubblerock team film our day. They’re so talented and have made a beautiful video for us that we will treasure.

Did you have any “concerns” about the day beforehand and, if so, how were they overcome?

We had a spring wedding during which time the weather can be unsettled. Thankfully Poronui is a very adaptable venue with plenty of wet weather options. Our ceremony was held in a Twelve Table clear marquee on the Blake House lawn. On the day, the weather lifted and we enjoyed canapes and drinks both on the lawn and in Blake House.

What did Poronui contribute to the memories of your wedding day?

In addition to the beautiful natural landscape, and gorgeous Blake House and The Stables buildings, Poronui has a brilliant team. Claire was so supportive and patient with the planning, and both her and Chris were so helpful on the day of the wedding.

Do you have any tips for potential bride and grooms?

Try to take a moment to stop and be aware of how special it is to have your closest friends and family with you in one spot — it doesn’t happen often.

In awe of Hannah and Tom’s relaxed wedding at Poronui? Contact the team today to start planning your own dream day.

Spring Fly Fishing

The early bird catches the fish- why you should fish during Spring in NZ. 

There is a lot of excitement around the start of the fly fishing season in New Zealand. The waters haven't been accessed in over five months and fishing guides, New Zealand trout and aspiring fisherman are itching to get out into rivers. We asked one of the Poronui's long-standing guides, Dave Wood, why he loves Spring fishing...

"One of the best reoccurring moments that I am lucky enough to experience in my job is on the first morning of a fishing trip when the helicopter drops me off at a secluded, rain-fed river and the silence takes hold. I love to just take a moment here and let the anticipation of the day ahead wash over me.

At the start of the New Zealand fly fishing season, on that very first trip, this thrill is amplified even more. Have the trout been feeding well? What has the winter done to the river? Where are the new holding lie spots? What type of fly will elicit that murderous intent from the trout? These added challenges set you up for an epic fly fishing holiday.

However, it is easy to let the excitement of your first trip out overwhelm you, my advice to anyone on their initial fishing expedition is to relax your expectations. When I take my clients out for the first time (whether they are experienced anglers or just learning how to fly fish), we always start with the aim of one great fish for the day. And if that guidance doesn’t help them to relax, the Poronui kitchen’s magic lunch will do the trick!

First-time fishermen and women can benefit from a spring getaway. The Rainbow and Brown trout have lived undisturbed over the winter so are less cautious around October/November time. Poronui’s rivers are not fed by snow-melt but they are still full early in the season so the cunning trout tend to hide around the edges. Spotting them can be tricky down low, but take a short helicopter flight into the Poronui backcountry and the smaller streams will present ample sight-fishing opportunities. October in NZ offers cool mornings but chasing the sunshine around the banks of the Taharua River adds an extra element to the day.

It’s so rewarding at the start of the fly fishing season when I look at my schedule and see all of the returning clients who I get to guide again, a lot of them become like family to me. I hope to extend my family at Poronui again this year and look forward to welcoming returning guests with open arms and another year’s worth of great fish!"

Discover the excitement of pre-season fishing for yourself, Poronui’s spring fishing packages start from October, take a look here


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