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Cultural Celebration Dinner

A celebration of Maori cuisine and tried and true New Zealand favourites.

Could Steven Paterson, our head chef, have been inspired by the Edmond’s Cookbook? As he said ‘You can’t go wrong with their recipes. I then included great New Zealand produce and ‘funky favourites’.

Steven and Tom combined their skills and passion for food to produce stunning feasting dishes.

Hangi Chicken, Smoked Butternut,

Fresh Herb Salad and Baby Gem Leaves


Green Lip Mussels, Marmite Glaze, Panko Garlic crumb

Poronui Sika Venison Kebabs w/- Rosemary Aioli

Lamb Fritters w/- Avocado Salsa

Feasting Dishes 

Hot Smoked Salmon w/- Fennel and Brown Sugar,

Served on a Bed of Charred Broccolini,

Soft Boiled Egg,

Rosemary Croutes

And an Olive and Sundried Tomato Dressing

Hangi Pork, Sweet and Sour Apples, Watercress and Walnut Pesto

Hangi Chicken, Smoked Butternut,

Fresh Herb Salad and Baby Gem Leaves

To finish 

Ginger Crunch, Louise Cake, Lemon Curd Pavlova w/- Fresh Fruit

Poronui’s 2017 Food & Wine Weekend with Al Brown and Maude Winery

Many thanks to Al, Sarah-Kate and Dan for another fantastic and very memorable weekend. They have such a unique way of sharing their passion and knowledge for food and wine that one cannot help but be inspired.

Al’s menu showcased many of his recipes from his new book Eat Up. With delight, we discovered not only some Poronui recipes featured in the ‘Baked’ section but also my mother’s pastry recipe in the ‘Go-To’s and Garnishes’ section.

Check out the menu with wines to match.

Paua Pies

Maude Dry Riesling 2017

Trevally w/ Wasabi Pea's, Kewpie and Soy Syrup

Mt. Maude FB Riesling 2017

Roasted Eggplant w/ Cauliflower and Salsa Verde

Mt. Maude Chardonnay 2016

Snapper w/ Oyster Stew

Option Wine

Poronui Sika Venison w/ Duck Parfait, Cherry Relish and Bitter Greens

Mt. Maude Pinot Noir 2012

Short Rib with Maple Pumpkin and Chili Crunch

Option Wine

Quince Sticky Date Pud, w/ Custard

Madiera ex Barrique

Coffee and Truffles

The sharpness of the lemon drizzled over the paua pies worked extremely well with the off-dry style of the riesling.

Then in the cellar many at the table developed a whole new respect for trevally (a fish all too often discarded) and lots of nods and yums at the riesling with a hint of residual sugar matched with the flavours of the wasabi peas and salty soy.

If I had to choose a favourite it was a very close call between the crispy skinned snapper with the creamy oyster stew matched with the aged Australian Semillon and the Poronui Sika venison with the duck parfait and bitter greens matched with the Mt. Maude Pinot Noir 2012.

Sarah-Kate and Dan then threw out a couple of challenges with two Option Wines - Australian Semillon and Australian Shiraz. The last man standing in the quiz was rewarded with a bottle of Mt. Maude finest vintage.

Creating the ‘best of bubbles’ on Saturday afternoon was hotly contested. Not only were Sarah-Kate, Dan and Al impressed with the results on the palate but also the very creative labels. Could Maude be looking to expand their methode traditionnelle?


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