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Poronui -  New Zealand fly fishing at its best

What makes dry fly fishing at Poronui so special is the convenient access to so many of New Zealand's best quality fishing waters and guides. The property has almost 25 miles of water. The Taharua - a spring creek - meanders down the valley, while the Mohaka River - a tumbling freestone stream - wraps itself around one boundary.

The mountains adjacent to Poronui are vast estates of Maori-owned land. We are privileged to travel to much of this wonderful wilderness reserve. Without a doubt, the remoteness of these rivers and streams make them some of the most prized fly fishing waters in the world.

Fly Fishing at Poronui


Fishing Options

Poronui also hosts a helicopter charter service, flying fishermen quickly and easily into otherwise inaccessible areas. This immediate and flexible access to waters on the property, and nearby, mean you will never fish the same spot twice. The legendary Ngaruroro and Rangitikei Rivers, and many more remote and smaller streams, are only a short and spectacular helicopter flight away.

Whether your choose to wade in shallow, gentle streams, or tackle the very physical demands of an alpine freestone stream, there is water on the property to suit you.

Your Fly Fishing Guide

Poronui has a team of permanent full-time guides who are considered the consummate professionals in their field. They share an extraordinary knowledge of the country, and collectively have more than a hundred years fishing experience on our waters.  Our guides know every stream intimately, and ensure angling pressure is constantly monitored to maintain the health and confidence of the trout. Experienced anglers will find the challenges of fishing at Poronui very rewarding. Beginners have the opportunity to learn from the best guides in a truly inspiring environment.

Rainbow Trout Fishing at Poronui

To experience the legend and the magic of fly fishing at Poronui in New Zealand, please
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To discriminating anglers, Poronui is an historic fly fishing lodge where they go fishing for superb NZ brown and rainbow trout in pristine waters.

To sportsmen, Poronui is a supreme hunting lodge where they can hunt majestic deer in a hauntingly beautiful landscape. To others, Poronui is the ultimate luxury wilderness retreat, a place where they can relax or explore 16,000 acres of timeless wilderness.

To match the premier quality of the outdoor experience, Poronui offers three supremely comfortable accommodation options: the legendary Poronui fishing lodge, luxury camping down by the Mohaka river at Safari Camp or stately Blake House - the choice of celebrities, captains of industry and royalty.

Whether your passion is New Zealand fly fishing, hunting or hiking, our guests talk of the magic of Poronui – the breathtaking location, the genuine Kiwi warmth, and the camaraderie they share with guides and fellow adventurers.

Come and experience the legend of Poronui.

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