Executive Survivor

'Executive Survivor' is an immersive cultural experience that takes guests back to early Maori days of living off the land.  This innovative two day team building program is a joint Kai Waho and Poronui initiative. 

Each day has a particular focus that is interwoven with facilitated sessions.  Bring your preferred facilitator or we can provide an expert for you.

The two days each have a different theme: one day with a Maori cultural emphasis and on the second day the key theme is wild food.

We offer the program with either two or three nights accommodation included, or you can use it as a non-resident program. You can also choose just one of the two theme options if you have limited time, or swap the order to suit your schedule.

Our recommended outline for the full program is as follows:

Day 1

Maori Cultural Theme - complete with appropriate background and waiata. Learn about the Maori lifestyle, how to prepare a hangi and cook on hot stones in the hangi oven.
  • Facilitated Session
  • Morning Tea during which you and your team prepare the food for the Hangi
  • Facilitated Session
  • Lunch during which you set and light the Hangi Fire
  • Facilitated Session
  • Afternoon tea during which you put the food in the Hangi
  • Facilitated Session
  • Pre Dinner drinks - complete with Maori stick games etc, guitar
  • Dinner - The lifting of the Hangi, the blessing and the meal.

Tom Loughlin of Kai Waho and a hangi at Tamua Pa

Day 2

Wild Food Focus - complete with appropriate background. Learn about foraging for wild food, then how to butcher and cook the catch.
  • Facilitated session
  • Morning Tea during which you and your team design and make your own bow and arrows
  • Facilitated session
  • Lunch - off site venue, potentially a bush location or our covered BBQ area
  • Afternoon session combining a facilitated session, breaking down of meat - venison and Arapawa lamb, cooking class, final touches to bows and arrows, finishing with afternoon tea
  • Facilitated session
  • Pre dinner drinks - lawn games
  • The archery competition
  • BBQ Dinner using the meat prepared earlier - comparing different cuts, different marinades, rubs etc
  • Prize giving.

Tom Loughlin and corporate team at Poronui

This exciting new product is only available with Poronui and Kai Waho. Throw your team into the wilderness and let them test themselves against the environment. Take them out of ther 21st century comfort zones - to a place with no mobile phone coverage and no excuses not to focus completely on the tasks at hand.

This is an indigenous experience that goes beyond the more accessible symbols of Maori 'culture' and immerses participants in a way of life that is stripped back and respectful of the environment.

If you're interested in exploring how a couple of days out of the office could put some magic back in your management team, then give Eve a call on +07 384 2080 and have a chat about your requirements or email us with inquiries.

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