Testimonials & Reviews

Our guests love the time they spend at Poronui. Read why below, and if you would like contact details so you can hear it from the horse's mouth (so to speak), please contact us and we will be happy to oblige.

  • St John Family

    Our family has been coming to Poronui since our son was five years old. At that point, children at the lodge were somewhat of a rarity. The high point from his first visit was probably hand feeding an orphaned goat - up close and personal with animals when you are 5 years old is a good time. Over the next few years, horse riding and mountain biking came to the fore – there are hours and hours of tracks to cover. Around age ten, possibly a touch early, we tried our hand at fishing. The concentration of a ten year old can be tested on the river, however there is nothing like getting a fish on the line to focus the mind. But the real connection was achieved around age 11, when we suggested a deer hunting outing. Mark our guide - who is fantastic -was appropriately cautious and took my son to the rifle range to assure himself that we could do this safely. That done we set out the next morning, selected a likely spot and waited. Eventually a deer came within range-circa 150 metres. The shot was taken, and the next thing we heard was Mark saying, slightly surprised, that he had got it-a clean shot. Mark tidied up the animal and my son decided he would carry it out (it was a yearling). I will have an enduring memory of this carry.

    This hunting experience really captured my son’s imagination so every year we have a father and son hunt. This year it took a bit longer to find the right animal-all day in fact. In spite of this, the interest was retained, and late in the day he was successful.

    The animal my son shot as an 11 year old was the first time our family had hunted anything. However it was the best father and son event that we have ever done. That weekend we were in the Blake House with two other families, which was great - however it is hard to beat the Safari camp given the choice for a father and son outing.
    Scott St John, 2012

  • The Hall Family

    Our children love the New Zealand outdoors so we stay at the Safari Camp every year. The spectacular location and remoteness of the Safari Camp allows a truly unique family experience. The many activities at Poronui have helped our children develop confidence in the wilderness which is a tremendous balance to their city based life. Throughout the year, it’s amazing how often the Safari Camp at Poronui is mentioned by one of the children. That’s a true measure of money well spent!
    Henry Hall, 2012

  • Anonymous

    We have travelled to your delightful country four times now and have tried to uncover new nooks and crannies on each visit. The common element of each trip has been Poronui, and to be honest, we have discussed making Poronui the ONLY stop on our next sojourn to the southern hemisphere. Of course the spectacular fishing is the main draw, but our Poronui family makes each trip seem like a visit home. The atmosphere Claire, Eve, and the whole gang have created makes us feel totally comfortable. Wonderful food, great cabin accommodations, perfect number of fisher people, exclusivity of fishing opportunities. I can't think of anything else we might wish for. Bottom line, when friends ask about our favorite experience in New Zealand---Poronui stands alone at the top of our list (especially if spectacular trout fishing is on their list of criteria). 

    Anonymous, Poronui 2010/11

  • Bob & Nancy Foglia

    I’ve been singing Sean's (Guide) praises to my friends here regarding how much I enjoyed fishing with him for two days. Likewise, my wife, Nancy, had a wonderful time riding horses and hiking with Eve. Throughout the rest of our visit through NZ she was talking about planning a return trip. Of note, after being back here , she still is saying the same thing.
    I’ve told people here that the fishing was technically more difficult compared to what I’ve done previously in the western U.S, but more satisfying. A large part of that was due to Sean's help. I’ve not had the experience of working as closely with a guide for spotting, casting, adjusting the cast etc, and it was a lot of fun . My only regret was that I couldn’t cast better. 

    The most fun I've had trout fishing ever. I look forward to the chance to fish with you again in NZ.'

    Bob & Nancy Foglia

  • David Goeddel

    Since my first trip several years ago, I have returned to Poronui every year. It is my favorite trout fishing destination because of the huge variety of streams and rivers, incredible scenery, great guides and large trout. And the accommodations, food and lodge staff are an added bonus.

    David Goeddel, 2010, 2011 and planning on 2013!

  • Jack Thomas

    I had the single best day of fly-rod trout fishing in my life! In 7 hours, I landed 12 trout between 3-1/2 to 7 pounds (22-29 inches), with the average fish weighing 5 pounds! These were all extremely healthy trout that fought very hard. The New Zealand myth of numerous big trout in beautiful surroundings is in fact not a myth, at Poronui it’s a reality.

    Jack Thomas, 2012

  • Merial Ancare (Corporate Event)

    An awesome property, perfect hosts, good range of activities and excellent food. A long lasting memory which we hope to revisit. Poronui is a rustic experience not to be missed!

    I’ve been out on the road visiting ... and the feedback has been brilliant. They all had a great time and I know it will go down as one of the great conference trips.

    Corporate Event, 2012

  • The Southers

    Thanks again to Eve and everyone who served us so graciously and professionally during our stay at Poronui. Connie, the girls and I, all felt a genuine sadness when we had to leave. Our stay was way too short. Poronui was a highlight of our fabulous trip to NZ, and Lord willing, we will be back.

    I thought that you would like to know that we totally enjoyed the spectacular beauty, relaxed privacy, and warm, friendly feel of Poronui. Oh, and of course, a trout fishing day that will always be indelibly imprinted in my mind. What a marvellous place!

    Dave, Connie, Annie and Sarah Jane Souther 

  • Hunter Ford, 2008

    Char and I had a fabulous time at Poronui.  You run a first class operation and that can be attributed to Eve’s hands on hard work.  We enjoyed fishing, meeting your other guides, talking with the rest of the guests and great after dinner conversations with Derek.

    The food was fabulous and you have employed a great staff to assist you with the day-to-day activities.  We truly had a great time and will be back.   Our marathon on the Ngaruroro River. was the highlight of the trip and by far the best fishing we had while in NZ.   Again, we had a great time and we thank you and your staff for a fabulous time.

  • Ricky Eason, 2012

    Just want to let you and Mark know how much I enjoyed last week at Poronui, it was outstanding!  It was an experience I will never forget. You, Mark and your staff are one of a kind (GREAT).

    Thanks again for a great experience. Also would you let me know what TV hunting show was filming there this week so I can watch it when they show it in the States.

    Ricky Eason 
    April, 2012

  • Michael & Charlie Fleisher

    My son, Charlie, and I visited Poronui as his special 10th birthday adventure and could not have had a more amazing and special experience. 

    The rooms and lodge are beautifully appointed, the 16,000 acres are stunning and abundant with wildlife and adventures, the fishing both on property and via helicopter was world class but the most incredible aspect of Poronui is its staff.  Eve and her team made us feel like we were part of their large and diverse family that included the staff and all the other guests.

    Everyone went out of their way to make Charlie feel special and welcome—even Tippet, the lodge dog, became a new friend.  The guides, Dave in particular, taught Charlie how to fly fish and made sure he (and his dad) had incredible fish tales to bring home.  We could not have had a more incredible experience and are already planning a return visit to Poronui—it is a truly a unique and magical place.

    Michael Fleisher

  • Anonymous

    The whole event was superbly conceived, planned and executed. Totally amazing weekend, I could have done another day!

    RFTW Attendee
    (inaugural event 2010) 

  • Julian & Elaine Bruce Bales

    Another marvelous trip, once again, we particularly enjoyed our stay at Poronui. So relaxed, thanks to you and the Poronui team.
    Please pass my best wishes to all, particularly Grant, and tell him we both much enjoyed an evening at The Fox on the Quay in Napier - we went back the next night as well !

    Once again, many thanks, our very best regards

    Julian and Elaine

  • Bryan & June O'Brien

     A truly exotic spot
     Bryan & June O’Brien, NZ

  • Bo Ivanovic

    "The best fishing I have ever had was at Poronui."
    Bo is a frequent visitor to New Zealand and long time Poronui client.

  • Linda and Glen Fowler

    I was so excited about going to the Food and Wine Weekend and was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. It absolutely surpassed expectations. Those who know me know that that is no mean feat! I had absolutely no idea what to expect as far as the accommodation went but I was amazed and delighted by the whole property.  Here is the link to my blog with photos etc from the weekend.
    Linda and Glen Fowler, New Zealand

  • Becca Torbet

    I just wanted to thank everyone here at Poronui for one of the most amazing life experiences. 
    Becca Torbet, Montana USA

  • Lisa & Wes McArtor

    To all the dear people at Poronui Ranch. This has been the most incredible experience of our lives! It is beautiful here, not only the scenery, but the accommodations, the people …… everything!
    Lisa & Wes McArtor, Wyoming USA

  • Sue & John Rutledge

    John & I have had an absolutely wonderful, exciting and relaxing adventure.
    We thank each of you personally for making us so comfortable and we certainly felt a part of this magical place! 
    Sue & John Rutledge, Texas USA

  • Bob & Tom Elliott

    The whole experience was outstanding – food, fishing, accommodation and people.
     Bob & Tom Elliott – USA

  • Jan & Sherry Packwood

    The lodge and setting are warm and wonderful; the staff friendly, professional and competent; the food superb.
    Jan & Sherry Packwood, Idaho, USA

  • John & Carla Ribic

    The experience gets better every year!
    John & Carla Ribic, USA

  • Nina & Gene Doggett

    Returning to Poronui has been a true gift in so many ways, spectacular fishing, outstanding staff and guides, fabulous food and most of all – extraordinary people!
    Nina & Gene Doggett, MA USA

  • Edwin & Susan

    The food, wine and scenery set the atmosphere but the people make the experience.
    Edwin & Susan, South Africa 

  • Stuart Family

    Thanks for a memorable stay in your grand house.
    Stuart Family, Sydney, Australia

  • Rufus Williams

    What a wonderful happy place. The food & accommodations and staff are world class.
    Rufus Williams, NJ, USA 

  • Scott & Jennifer Roberts

    This is a fabulously, unforgettable place, with irreplaceable memories and experiences.
    Scott & Jennifer Roberts, WA, USA

  • Tony Chamberlain

    New Zealand was just another nice place until I saw your breathtakingly beautiful property. 
    Tony Chamberlain, Mass, USA  

To discriminating anglers, Poronui is an historic fly fishing lodge where they go fishing for superb NZ brown and rainbow trout in pristine waters.

To sportsmen, Poronui is a supreme hunting lodge where they can hunt majestic deer in a hauntingly beautiful landscape. To others, Poronui is the ultimate luxury wilderness retreat, a place where they can relax or explore 16,000 acres of timeless wilderness.

To match the premier quality of the outdoor experience, Poronui offers three supremely comfortable accommodation options: the legendary Poronui fishing lodge, luxury camping down by the Mohaka river at Safari Camp or stately Blake House - the choice of celebrities, captains of industry and royalty.

Whether your passion is New Zealand fly fishing, hunting or hiking, our guests talk of the magic of Poronui – the breathtaking location, the genuine Kiwi warmth, and the camaraderie they share with guides and fellow adventurers.

Come and experience the legend of Poronui.

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