• The Klinkhammer Special, 3 September 2009

    This is probably the best emerger pattern that I have ever come across. An emerger is a bit like an iceberg - some 90% of the fly is actually sub-surface.  The fly mimics the curved body angle of an insect nymph as it hangs below the surface of the water, just as it starts to emerge.  Fish find this irresistible! 

    If a hook company goes to the trouble of producing a special hook for this pattern that looks like the abdomen of a nymph, that says a lot in itself. As far as I am aware this fly is not available commercially so you will have to tie them yourself!

    [Andy Sheehan - you know what this fly can do…]

    This is not the easiest of patterns to tie, but here are some steps to help you along. You need to ensure the body color matches the color of local insects - this produces a dark-colored hairy fly that works well at Poronui.

    You need to have the following:

    Hook: Partridge Klinkhammer Extreme #12 - #18

    Wing Post: Poly Yarn

    Body: Dry fly dubbing brown, grey or green

    Thorax: Dry fly dubbing Black

    Hackle: Brown or Grizzle or both.

    Step 1. Tie in the wing post. Take turns of thread up the post itself - this will help secure a base for you to wind the hackle later. Then take the thread down to the base of the hook.

    Step 2. Dub the body up to the base of the wing post. Then tie in the hackle and take the thread to the eye of the hook.


    Step 3. Dub the thorax, making your way back to the wing post, and then take one turn of thread around the base of the post so the thread is now coming down the side of the fly closest to you.


    Step 4.Turn the hook in the vice and wind the hackle down the post. This is then tied off with three turns of thread around the base of the post. Next, whip finish around the base of the post, as this is easier than tying around the hook.


    Step 5: There you have it….good luck and don’t forget to check out the Poronui spring fishing package available now.   

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