October 2009

  • Poronui Food and Wine Weekend 9 – 11 October 2009

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    Guest Chef: Martin Bosley, Wellington
    Winemaker: Tim Heath, Cloudy Bay Wines, Marlborough

    The drive in to Poronui for the Food and Wine Weekend took longer than expected as we slowed to view the remnants of snow from the previous weekend, and could only imagine how spectacular this must have been. We secretly hoped it might return this weekend but to no avail!

    After settling into our luxurious surroundings and dusting off any end-of-week stresses, we forgot about the rest of the world and settled in for a much anticipated foodies weekend. 

    Friday night sixteen excited guests, all friends in wine and food, mingled together with Poronui staff and Chef Martin Bosley and his assistant Amy. Some knew each other already, many didn’t, but this was no obstacle to a fabulous evening of conversation and a taste and tipple to the weekend. The Staff at Poronui ensured we were all very well fed and watered throughout the evening.

    Everyone used Saturday as an opportunity to pursue different activities on offer – horse-riding, deer-stalking, fly-fishing, or simply just relaxing by the river or reading. Of course there was a wonderful lunch served at Blake House and as with the whole experience, there is plenty of food and wine and other refreshments as you desire.

    Hors d’ouvres and Cloudy Bay Pelorus began our evening dining experience.   The magic was weaved in the kitchen and the degustation menu served was a true reflection of the environment and atmosphere that is Poronui. Martin Bosley showcased both land and sea with the creation of the dishes, with the overarching theme of fresh and seasonal. The wines chosen to complement each course by Tim were a perfect match, and a wee whisky slipped in to finish the final dish.

    Poronui Food and Wine Weekend with Martin Bosley 

    It was very difficult to make our departure on Sunday. The weather is irrelevant when you get together with people who are so passionate about food and wine and having fun.   

    We had such a fantastic weekend.  Poronui Food and Wine Weekend is the one weekend a year we can truly relax and enjoy doing as much or as little as we like with great food, wine and friends.  This is the best place to rejuvenate our minds in such a fantastic setting.  A definite pre-booked date in our diaries in the future.   

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  • Fishing Season Underway! 1 October 2009

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    The opening of a new fishing season is always greeted with a certain amount of quiet excitement and anticipation. October 1st this year was no different.

    David and Kylie Denton, regular guests to Poronui, travelled from Australia to take advantage of opening week. David considered bringing his prized cane rod but instead packed his 6 weight 9 foot XP Sage. He was set for opening morning.

    Ben Hall, his guide, was a little concerned that the recent rain would have made the rivers high and pushy. Although slightly discolored, the water flows were perfect. Weather was warm and sunny, the ideal start to a new season.

    Using 3x tippet David was well rewarded with good numbers of 4 to 5 lb trout, both browns and rainbows, each day. The second fish of the season, a 5 lb brown trout was caught on a Blow Fly Humpy – a magic start to a new season. The picture of Ben is the fish on the dry fly!

    Dave Denton with a 5lb Rainbow Trout

    Kylie choose to horse ride. Although a novice, Kylie felt she gained great confidence with Claire’s tuition. They rode through eucalyptus plantations, streams and into part of the native beech forest. 

    Timing is everything and as they left on Sunday morning October 4th the snow started falling ………..

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  • Poronui Snowed In!! 5 October 2009

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    October has come upon us with a sudden very cold and white start.  Warm sunny days at the end of September had lurched us into our spring clothing and dusting-off our summer T-shirts and shorts.   We were even looking at the rivers, thinking of them getting warmer and the BIG fish waiting to be caught!

    However the sandals and T-shirts were hastily thrown to the back of the wardrobe when the heaviest snowfall in 25 years hit on Sunday evening 4 October, closing the road between Taupo & Napier, stranding 600 motorists and isolating Poronui from the rest of the world.

    Trees branches succumbed to the sudden heavy weight of the half a meter of snow and collapsed on our power lines - meaning that now we were hunting out candles, stoking the fires, filling hot water bottles with water heated on the gas range and using emergency generators to supply basic power.   As for phone communications, the string and cans were just not going to do the trick.  Apologies if you tried to call and couldn’t get through!

    Poronui was suddenly a picture for a Christmas Card.  The terrain here is so beautiful – continually changing and this was another stunning image of a winter wilderness, albeit in Spring!

    Two and a half days passed for Eve and the resident crew until all systems were restored.  This included putting out extra food for some very cold horses plus our newest Poronui resident – – Sooty the calf, and watching the deer come out in the open to forage.

    Mark, Ben and our Big Red Tractor are now very busy towing out the fallen branches, clearing the roads and walking paths – not exactly our usual way of gathering firewood.  In no time at all, Poronui will be restored to its Spring splendour – and all that will be left are the great photos - and stories to tell for years to come.



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