June 2013

  • Winter / Spring Calendar

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    Mid-winter Christmas
    Gather a group of friends for two nights at the Blake House and we’ll do the rest – Christmas Tree, Fairy Lights, Turkey and Ham, Plum Pudding.


    Opening of the backcountry rivers and streams
    1 October the fishing season starts!
    Food and Wine Weekends
    Al Brown and  Winemaker                                        11-13 October 
    Martin Bosley and Brian Bicknell                            25-27 October 

    October – December

    Fly Fishing Clinics
    An ideal opportunity to learn the art of fly fishing or indeed perfect your skills with a professional fishing guide.
    Horse Treks
    Rides that take you through native beech forest, manuka scrub, pine and eucalyptus forest and open grassland with breath taking views. Bring your own horse or ride one of our well schooled New Zealand station-bred horses.
    Walk Holiday
    Challenging guided walks on private property and adventuring into the neighbouring Kaimanawa Ranges.


    Celebrate Thanksgiving with your Poronui family. Turn a few more days off work into a week of fishing.


    Celebrate a Southern Hemisphere Christmas in the sun. The white for us at Poronui is the manuka in flower. In abundance it looks like the valley is indeed dusted in snow. 

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  • Guides' Corner by Sean Andrews

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    To set the scene – Craig and I poured over the ordinance survey maps one evening and planned an exploratory trip to a small stream. I had often viewed this stream from the air but had never fished it. We waited with great excitement for the helicopter. Rods at the ready we set off upstream.


    You can imagine my increasing concern as pool after beautiful pool and not even a sign of a fish. Finally – one and a half hours later, a beautiful pool and there in front of us a very large brown feeding veraciously. Craig’s first cast, accurate as usual and the fish was hooked and landed. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement!!  Much to my relief, from then on the fish were plentiful.

    There is always an element of risk exploring a new stream and I was very relieved the gamble paid off so comprehensively this time. The maps will be out again over the winter months and I can’t wait to check out more like this next season.

    Happy Days... Sean Andrews.


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  • World Record at Poronui

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    The woolshed at Poronui had its' heyday on 8 January 1979 when Eddie Reidy organised a gang of 'gun' shearers to attempt to break the then world record for number of strong-wool lambs shorn in a 9 hour day.
    It is worth noting that there were no restrictions on wool weights for shearing records in New Zealand at this time. The record was recorded on a World Records register, held by the Golden Shears Society, with referees present. This was before the formation of the World Sheep Shearing Records Committee in 1982.
    Eddie was well known at the time on the shearing show circuit and ran a large shearing gang. He chose this gang carefully as the following newspaper clipping attests to. 


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  • A Damper Recipe

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    You may remember making this on the camp fire in the dim dark ages. Children, grand children and adults alike enjoy the making, the cooking and the eating. Damper goes particularly well with hot soup, coffee or billy tea.


    2 cups of self-raising flour
    ½ teaspoon salt
    2 teaspoons sugar
    1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
    Handful of raisins or sultanas
    ¾ cup fresh milk


    Light the camp fire let it burn down to the embers
    The ‘oven’ – a canned fruit tin.
    Partially remove the top of the tin, drain the fruit and put a hole in the middle of the top.
    Make a hole in the middle of the bottom.
    Choose a straight stick and remove the bark
    Make the dough. The size of the tin will determine the amount of dough for each damper.
    Roll into a snake.
    Push the stick through the top of the tin. Wrap the dough around the stick and push the end of the stick through the hole in the bottom of the tin. The damper is now in the ‘oven’ and ready for cooking.
    Turn regularly until the dough is cooked. 
    Enjoy while hot. Be sure to send us photos!!   

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To match the premier quality of the outdoor experience, Poronui offers three supremely comfortable accommodation options: the legendary Poronui fishing lodge, luxury camping down by the Mohaka river at Safari Camp or stately Blake House - the choice of celebrities, captains of industry and royalty.

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