August 2010

  • We Know How to Pick 'em!

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    Poronui congratulates Martin Boseley on winning Cuisine Magazine's Best Smart Dining Metropolitan, Runner up 2010, and Geoff Scott of Vinnies in Auckland on being Recommended.  Last year's winner, Logan Brown, was ineligible as Al Brown is now a food writer for Cuisine.

    You can join Al at Poronui on October 15-17, Martin on October 8-10, or Geoff on October 1-3 for a degustation gala dinner with matching wines.  There are still a few places available, call Eve or Claire on +64 7 384 2080. 

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  • New Bridge at Poronui

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    The harvest of logs from Poronui Hill, near the southern boundary of Poronui, has provided an unexpected yet major benefit. Preparation for the logging operation has included a new bridge across the Taharua River, and what a bridge it is! In addition the roads to and around the hill are receiving a major upgrade which will iron out the humps, bumps and hollows will make the travel that much easier on the back. It will also make it quicker to get back to cocktails after a long hot day on the Mohaka! 

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  • Hunting Aotearoa at Poronui

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    While the primary purpose of the visit by Hunting Aotearoa was to review the quality deer management program in operation on the property, there was also time for a hunt enabling Howie to secure his first sika deer – a management stag taken with a great 275 metre shot.

    The review of the deer management programme was equally successful. Steve and wildlife biologist Cam Speedy were successful in locating all of the 10 stags carrying radio transmitting collars. The highlight was when Cam was able to “arrange” for one of the stags affectionately known as “tripod” to run past the camera – a great example of using the tracking equipment to locate a specific stag. It also showed just how tight a stag will hold in cover – Cam was literally almost touching the stag before it broke.

    The Hunting Aotearoa episode featuring Poronui will feature on Maori Television in 2011. We’ll update you on the screening date and time as soon as it is available. 

    Here are some photos of the day:
    Hunting Aotearoa at Poronui, July 2010

    Hunting Aotearoa at Poronui, stalking sika

    Hunting Aotearoa at Poronui, 2010

    Hunting Aotearoa shoot aika stag spiker at Poronui

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