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The seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite to those in Europe and North America. Poronui is located in the heart of the North Island of New Zealand and enjoys a temperate climate. No matter what the season, Poronui can offer you a truly memorable outdoor experience.

NZ Spring


October 1 is the opening of the fishing season in most districts and means the resident trout have been undisturbed for months. Temperatures are still cool, but with longer days the browns and rainbows become very active, and there is excellent fishing with weighted nymphs along soft seams in most mountain streams. Some good evening hatches, often resulting in very good dry fly fishing at dusk.

Early Summer

November - December

This is undoubtedly the best time to fly fish in mountain streams throughout New Zealand. The days are lengthening and while the weather is warm, the water is still cool. There can be good mayfly hatches, encouraging the trout to feed recklessly on the surface during the day. This is the least crowded time to fly fish in New Zealand.

Mid Summer

January - February

Traditionally this is the most popular time for anglers to visit New Zealand. Streams are low and wading is easy. Trout are highly visible in the water, but selective with their feeding. On smaller streams these conditions demand careful stalking and delicate presentations with small drys and nymphs. On larger mountain freestone streams (accessed by helicopter) there is excellent terrestrial activity on the surface.

Late Summer

March - April

The weather is still warm and settled. April has the lowest average rainfall of any month in New Zealand. Generally a brilliant day is heralded by a good frost. Resident trout in mountain streams willingly rise to the surface. The dry, cooler evenings often induce good hatches. Great months for combining fishing and hunting with the rut for the Red Stag and Sika Stag.

NZ Fall

May - June

Autumn offers a variety of outdoor activities in New Zealand. The focus for fly fishing at this time is in the back country rivers and the tributary streams flowing into Lake Taupo come into their own. The duck hunting and game bird season opens and there is great hunting for trophy stags. Refer to our Hunting calendar to check the best months for hunting the different deer species.


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