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Sporting Clays

We have a unique Olympic standard sporting clay range to test even the most experienced guns. The Poronui Sporting Clays Course is built in a wooded valley with multiple shooting stations and a fully automated twenty trap layout. A programmed remote release system

allows for twenty singles, pairs and flurries to be released at each shooting station - giving a huge variety of targets. The course has been designed for skeet, to simulate either upland game birds or waterfowl.

Field Archery

The Poronui field archery course is situated in native beech forest with 3-D animal targets all set at different distances. Part of the skill of field archery is learning to judge distance accurately. Very much like golf, a group of four archers can do a circuit of the different animal targets, collect a score at each one and can complete a round in about two hours.

Field Archery is for everyone, ladies, men and juniors, no matter what your body shape or level of fitness.

Target Shooting

Small bore target shooting is performed over several distances, ranging from 15 to 50 meters.

The .177 calibre single shot air rifles are ideal for juniors and novices. The course contains Nockover second shot re-setting field targets.

Expert tuition, and equipment are included.

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