Frequently Asked Questions

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept personal and bank checks, telegraphic transfers, cash, travellers checks and Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept any other credit card. If using Visa or MasterCard please advise your credit card company that you are travelling overseas before you leave home.

What is the time difference?

Los Angeles is 19 hours behind New Zealand time and London is 11 hours behind (except during daylight saving hours). Check the current time difference and compare your time zone with Pacific / Auckland here. Remember when you fly to New Zealand you may lose a day - so when booking flights make sure you allow sufficient days to get to New Zealand. (Of course on the trip home it is the opposite, so you normally get back the same day the flight leaves from New Zealand.)

What communications are available?

Telephone and internet access is available at all our lodges. Although cell phone coverage is not available at Poronui and Glazebrook it is generally available in most parts of the country. You should set up a global roaming or similar plan with your cell phone company before you leave home to minimise costs.

What is the electricity in New Zealand?

Power in New Zealand is 240V, so if you bring shaving equipment, hairdryers, phone or PC chargers etc, make sure they can be adapted to our power system. We have converters and adapters at the lodges for guests to use.

What are your insurance recommendations?

Clients should ensure that they have current medical and travel insurance including trip cancellation insurance. New Zealand does have a comprehensive public accident and rehabilitation cover which applies to both residents and visitors to New Zealand.


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