Our Philosophy

Poronui is owned by the Westervelt Company and is an integral part of the Westervelt Sporting Lodges division.  Founded by Herbert Westervelt as Prairie States Paper Corporation in 1884, today Westervelt is a land resource organization taking an environmentally responsible, socially aware Highest And Best Use (HBU) approach to our nearly 500,000 acres of timberland and natural resources.

Poronui New Zealand Environmental Statement

At Poronui we are committed to managing our operations and lands in an environmentally responsible manner.  While we create sustainable value from our resources and relationships, we are committed to protecting the environment and to sustaining its quality for future generations.

To achieve this we will:

  • Identify and protect high value environmental and cultural sites on our land
  • Continually improve our environmental practices
  • Use natural resources efficiently, reducing, reusing and recycling materials to minimize waste
  • Build long term partnerships with communities, clients and stakeholders to support sustainable environmental improvements
  • Minimize the environmental effects of our operations
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership and encourage other organizations to improve their environmental performance.

To support this we will: 

  • Ensure our managers are accountable for action plans to deliver environmental improvements
  • Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation
  • Develop long term environmental plans for our lands
  • Protect streamside zones, wetland areas and endangered species habitat
  • Promote employee and contractor awareness of environmental issues through continuous training and communication programs
  • Monitor and report our environmental performance internally to ensure compliance
  • Communicate and train employees and contractors with respect to our environmental practices
We are totally committed to our conservation mission.  We follow best management practices in all of our business endeavors, with a mission to preserve land for future generations.  We ensure our commitments exceed environmental, legal, and regulatory requirements, and robustly pursue new practices to help support our environmental policy.  Read about our conservation activities.

The Poronui wilderness is an incredibly valuable natural asset and needs to be preserved for future generations.  In the meantime, you can visit this slice of heaven in New Zealand and experience it firsthand.

To discriminating anglers, Poronui is an historic fly fishing lodge where they go fishing for superb NZ brown and rainbow trout in pristine waters.

To sportsmen, Poronui is a supreme hunting lodge where they can hunt majestic deer in a hauntingly beautiful landscape. To others, Poronui is the ultimate luxury wilderness retreat, a place where they can relax or explore 16,000 acres of timeless wilderness.

To match the premier quality of the outdoor experience, Poronui offers three supremely comfortable accommodation options: the legendary Poronui fishing lodge, luxury camping down by the Mohaka river at Safari Camp or stately Blake House - the choice of celebrities, captains of industry and royalty.

Whether your passion is New Zealand fly fishing, hunting or hiking, our guests talk of the magic of Poronui – the breathtaking location, the genuine Kiwi warmth, and the camaraderie they share with guides and fellow adventurers.

Come and experience the legend of Poronui.

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